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Principal Investigator: Daniel Huddleston, MD

Research Focus

We develop MRI and multimodality biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease and related neurodegenerative conditions. There is a pressing need for improved measures of disease biology for applications in translational research and clinical diagnosis. We take an interdisciplinary approach to develop innovative MRI technologies and combine these with other data types (clinical assessments, neurocognitive testing, metabolomics, other molecular markers) to discover and validate new disease markers and signatures. To accomplish this, Dr. Huddleston's lab works closely with technical experts in MRI physics, image processing, machine learning, metabolomics and biomedical informatics. Dr. Huddleston's background in movement disorders neurology, Parkinson’s disease biology, and MRI methods allows us to investigate complex aspects of disease mechanisms, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.

Parkinson's disease affected brain regions

We are looking for motivated graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with backgrounds in neuroimaging, biomedical engineering, neuroscience, or data science to join our lab. Fellows, residents and medical students may also inquire about research opportunities. View our current openings here.

Our research is driven by support from donors like you. Philanthropic gifts allow us to convert new ideas into discoveries. With this support we can take risks and develop larger research programs. Please help us move the field forward. Thank you!

Featured Publications

Reproducible detection of nigral iron deposition in 2 Parkinson's disease cohorts.

Langley J*, He N*, Huddleston DE*, Chen S, Yan F, Crosson B, Factor S, Hu X.

*equal contributions--shared first-authorship.

Movement Disorders. (2019) March;34(3):416-419.

Imaging parkinsonism pathology in substantia nigra with MRI.

Huddleston DE, Langley J, Dusek P, He N, Faraco CC, Crosson B, Factor S, Hu X.

Current Radiology Reports. (2018) April; 6(4):15.

In vivo detection of lateral-ventral tier nigral degeneration in Parkinson's Disease.

Huddleston DE, Langley J, Sedlacik J, Boelmans K, Factor SA, Hu XP.

Human Brain Mapping. (2017) May; 38(5):2627-2634. 

A multicontrast approach for comprehensive imaging of substantia nigra.

Langley J, Huddleston DE, Chen X, Sedlacik J, Zachariah N, Hu X.

NeuroImage. (2015) May 15; 112:7-13.


News & Updates

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